Friday, April 17, 2009

Speaking of prayers...

Speaking of "praying" .... would you kindly pray for me while I travel across the country today . I am going back west to visit my parent's for their 60th wedding anniversary party. I am excited to see them and other loved ones, but also nervous to leave 10 kids behind with dad! I know he'll be ok, but my mama heart always gets a tad bit concerned. I know I know... I need to let go and let God.

Please pray for safe travels, and for the kids and dad to just enjoy each other this weekend.

Thanks so much, I 'll be back on Monday. So it's not too long of a trip.

God bless,


  1. I really, really like reading through your amazing journey of coming to know Christ. It's funny, although I did not come from a LDS background (Evangelical through and through), it has only been these past 4/5 years that I've come to know Christ...

    Just goes to show that it's not about which church has the right doctrine or whatever, but it's about putting our trust in Him who through self-sacrifical love, absorbed the wrath that I deserve and that through faith alone (because there's nothing and no-one else we can cling to), placed the necessary righteousness to me, so I can stand in the presence of an explosively Holy I AM... =)

    It's all very humbling...

    gloria, your whole family will be in our prayers.


  2. Congrats on your being called into the family of God. The unbelieving husband is sanctified by the believing wife. Keep courage. God is all powerful. God is all good. So whatever the provision is in accord with this all powerful and allways good will.

    God Bless,

  3. God bless. We also understand what a so called "part-member" means for many who live with or near LDS family. We both have brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers on both sides of our immediate family who have been wondering about us since our blessed day of Nov 13, 2000. We have see a few glorious changes and also some burdens as well.

    Hang in there as the unbelieving spouse will be sanctified by the believing one. The more your family reads from the New Testament, the more of God's Holy Word will be working in the hearts of those in your home. Commit to memory, as a family, verses from the NT. As you, and the rest of your church family prays, the Holy Spirit will work to complete the work, that was orginally started in you.

    CS Lewis said it well when Mr and Mrs Beaver said "Aslan is on the move." God bless you for sharing your encouraging witness with all of us. Thanks.

  4. Hello, NM. Thank you for your kind remarks about the blog and for your prayers for my family! Praise God I enjoyed a lovely trip and my husband did a great job of "holding down the fort" at home! :) I came home to a clean house, yard and clean laundry! :)

    God bless,

  5. Hello, Mikenstephy!

    Thanks for taking time to read and share your note ..... can I ask, were you LDS? I couldn't tell for sure from your comment, but it sounded like you have come to the Lord, but still have LDS family members?

    In any case, thanks for your note, your encouragement and your prayers.

    God bless!



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