Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Leaving Comments

Good morning! I hope & pray that you are enjoying a blessed week as we look towards the Cross of Calvary and the empty tomb on resurrection Sunday!

I just wanted to take a moment and tell my readers how much I appreciate their comments. I read each comment you leave, and I generally will publish them as soon as time permits. With that said, I welcome your "courteous" comments. :) That is even if you disagree with what I am sharing here, you are welcome to disagree ( thank God we live in a nation where we have freedom to do so!) . I have no problem with a person disagreeing, but I will not publish comments that are rude, or discourteous. Inflammatory remarks about my person, or husband or family or friends will not be tolerated. Period.

I am not a perfect person, a sinner saved by grace and helplessly flawed. ( big time!)

I want you all to know that I pray each day over this blog and ask God to guide my words.

I may make mistakes along the way, chances are I will stumble. It is not my intent to attack the individual members of the LDS faith, but merely to share my experiences while I was a member and to present the good news of Christ Jesus and how it compares to the LDS gospel.

I will strive to do my best to remain courteous and sensitive in my posts here as I share about sensitive doctrines and teachings that are controversial . With that said, I will not "hide" things. That in itself may irritate some LDS readers.

It is my greatest hope and desire that the Lord use this blog for His glory!

My heart yearns to see the LDS embrace Jesus -- the Messiah - the I AM -- and I will continue to write and share what the Lord impresses upon my heart. I also pray that this blog will equip the body of Christ to better understand their LDS neighbors and friends so that they may be able to reach them for Christ.

Jesus, was hated , despised, spat upon and reviled because He preached that salvation was not about a religion, a ritual or a "membership" into the Jewish faith....... He preached that HE IS THE WAY and He preached that it is only thru a personal relationship with Him that we may receive the blessing of eternal life.

This my dear readers is the message of Christ .........

He is the WAY............

May each of you enjoy a blessed week and a JOYous Easter,


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