Friday, April 3, 2009

In response to my "anonymous" comment

I am encouraged by the courteous comments readers are leaving here on my blog. Thanks to those of you who take time to leave a thoughtful reply or comment. I also want to write and let you know your comments get me thinkin' ........

I wanted to take a moment and respond to a comment left here by someone who wishes to remain "anonymous"..........

" For 10 yrs I felt so drawn to the LDS religion, but did not end up in it for various reasons. But I *have* learned the Bible well over the years, and recently when I began studying ( not with missionaries) the LDS faith, I see so much in it that is to me wrong and false. I am thankful God preserved me from joining, since I would have gone straight in full force because I would not have known any better. And then who knows if I would ever have had the courage or sense to extricate myself. "

First of all, I want to write and tell my 'anonymous' reader PRAISE GOD! Praise God that He preserved you from joining the LDS. Praise God that you began to read the Bible and that your eyes were opened to recognize that the teachings and doctrines of the LDS faith are not biblical and as you said many are "false". We serve a great God and He truly has preserved you! Praise Him for that!

I also was struck as I read this comment that , it is precisely because of the fact that you read the Bible and knew God's word that you were able to discern truth from fiction. Interestingly enough, when I served my LDS mission, I was never successful in teaching the LDS gospel to anyone who had a strong grip and knowledge of the Bible. NOT one. That isn't to say that I "tried" to share the LDS message -- it was just fact that those who knew their Bibles and read them , did not accept the message I was presenting to them! They were able to discern and know that the message I was sharing was certainly not biblical.

Recently my LDS husband, who remains active in his faith, made a comment that really has stuck with me......... he told me that people "like me, and other born again believers" would not make good Mormons....... I asked him "why"...... his response was .... " because Jesus is enough for you and you are not "open" to further knowledge and light"....... hmmm.... I took that in and then asked him "who" would make good converts to the LDS...... his response was " those that did not know their Bibles well"........... wow....... now that was telling.

This brings me to the point, that I believe is so important. Friends, if we wish to avoid being deceived we must know God's word! The Lord told us that we must "continue in His word" and to that I say AMEN!!

" Take heed that NO man deceive you" . Matt 24: 4

I joined the LDS as a 20 yr old young woman , who was completely Biblically illiterate. I knew nothing, absolutely nothing to compare what the Mormon Missionaries were teaching me. Nothing. I had no Bible until I purchased my first one as an LDS soon after I was baptized into the LDS.

I believe because I did not know God's word, I was easily converted to the Mormon gospel. That certainly was the case on my Mission. The people that joined the LDS church under my teaching, were all biblically illiterate. None of them had or owned a Bible and none knew God's word. Sure, they knew who "Jesus" was and who "God" was because most had been reared in the Catholic Church, but they had no clue about Biblical teachings.

For the most part, the LDS missionaries have greatest success with peoples who are biblically illiterate. I also want to point out , that the majority of LDS missionaries who are out there, are truly sincere and do not know that what they are sharing is a false message. They are sharing what they believe is the truth. I really don't think LDS missionaries even have a grip on the "meatier" teachings of the LDS church or know about it's contradictory teachings. They are simply being obedient to what they have been told their whole life to do. For my readers who are believers, please remember that when the Mormon Elders or Sisters come to your doorstep. I sure hope that if they do come, you will be able to share with them the good news of Jesus with them. They need to hear the message of salvation, and they have been taught to be courteous and polite so they will allow you to teach them, if you sieze the blessing of doing so!

I recently read of the experience of an LDS sister missionary who was serving in Idaho. She was invited into the home of a Christian family and they in love presented the good news of Jesus with her. This young woman returned home after her mission and gave her life to Christ. She ended up leaving the LDS and embracing the Lord! Praise God! So, please friends, when the LDS missionaries knock on your door please do share the message of salvation with them!

To my anonymous commentor:

I am so thankful that God opened your eyes to the truth and in time you were able to see the false teachings of the LDS. I am also grateful that God opened my eyes too! It was after a 2 yr in depth study of the Bible that I was clearly able to see truth from error and was able to embrace Jesus!

God's word is truly a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path! Psalm 119:105

I praise God that He protected you, and for the work He did on both of us thru His word!


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  1. Thank you, Gloria! As I praise God for the wonderful ways he has dealt with you!

    I agree with you about the goodheartedness and sincerity of the missionaries, and really those of any faith. I pray for a day that all faithful ones are united under God, in truth.


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