Saturday, January 2, 2010

New blog!!!

A New Year!!!! A new blog for me!!

I will be blogging at :

May you each enjoy a blessed New Year~


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  1. Hello Gloria I stumbled across your blog while preparing a Gospel Principles lesson for tomorrow (irony) I am an active member of the Mormon Church and a Ward Mission Leader. Those things however do not define me as cut from any particular cloth into a well recognized pattern
    I have been reading and very interested in what you had to say. Myself I like to leave people to their choices and not pester them if they have found something such as a new church which they value.
    This is your blog so I won't say much about myself except to say I was raised Christian and changed to lds during my latter teen years through a friend. A familiar story I am sure
    There are some similarities in our stories when you touch upon the things you learned about Mormonism in general and Joseph Smith in particular. The similarity ends in what we have done with that information.
    Thank you for writing of your perspective and you are absolutely right on the myths of why people leave the Mormon Church. I do think though that while people may mouth so of those comments, that very few actually believe them
    I am sure you will continue writing and I would encourage you to do so Your blog chronicles your personal quest for a faith with which you can identify and where you are happy
    Hopefully I find my way back here again as I would like to read further. All the best and God bless J


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