Monday, August 24, 2009

My child has decided to serve a Mormon mission, now what?

Recently, a reader left a comment here on my blog. His daughter was soon to leave on a Mormon mission. He asked "what" he could tell her before she left. This young woman's father was a former Mormon, now redeemed by God's amazing grace. He loves his daughter and is concerned for her.

After pondering upon this situation and giving it some prayer, I wanted to offer some encouragement to this dad. :) Perhaps there are other Christian readers who are in a similar situation, with a child or loved one getting ready to go on a Mormon mission.

First of all, I would encourage this dad and any others to PRAY! I can not encourage that enough. Pray that God will give you the words to speak. Pray that God will give you the grace to love that person in spite of their choices, and pray for the wisdom to speak and share God's word with them. Pray for opportunities to share the Good News! Pray for their hearts to be softened and for their eyes to be opened. Pray that they will be receptive , when the time comes to what you may be led to share! In short PRAY!!!!!

I have shared here recently, about a young LDS woman I have been praying for. She recently was sent to the Midwest on a Mormon 18 mos proselytizing mission. I have been praying daily for her. God , has answered my prayers in amazing ways!!!! She has been meeting with a christian pastor each week and he has been teaching her about Jesus. She has also befriends born again Christians who have opened their home to her, shared the love of Jesus with her and a meal too! :) I am just floored by how God is working!! I am praying daily that God will use believers to share the truth with her in love and with boldness. I believe God will do a great work in her while she serves her Mormon mission. God is not restricted by the situations around Him, folks. That means He can save Mormons while they serve a Mormon mission ! I have personally read the testimonies of young Mormons who were saved while serving a Mormon mission and then came home and left the Mormons and embraced Christianity. Friends, it is possible! Our God sits on the throne and He is still in the miracle business!!

Never ever ever underestimate the power of prayer, friends!!!!!!

Secondly, I would encourage this father and others to really show forth LOVE. Love is a huge thing. I think we underestimate it's power in the lives of the lost. When we reach out with love, hearts are softened....... minds are opened...... ears become receptive. Let your Mormon friends see that love. Genuine love. Show them the defining fruits of the gospel of Jesus Christ -- LOVE.
They will know we are Christians by our love. I love that song!!! We sing it often in our home!

For this dad who is worried about his daughter -- I encourage you to love her!!!! Write to her when she leaves and just tell her how much you love her, and are praying for her.Let her never doubt your love for her. Let it be an unconditional rock in her life!

Friends I know it's easy to become frustrated with our LDS family and friends. But let's remember, God calls us to love. Sometimes that can be tough. Sometimes , they are hard to love.
Believe me, I understand..... but God calls us to love one another. He didn't not say "love only believers". He said to love everyone.

Finally, when the time is right and the Holy Spirit directs, share the truth we know and hold dear. Share the good news! Plant those seeds of grace. Perhaps you are discouraged, thinking they won't listen.... won't receive. Friends, one never knows. God calls some to plant seeds, some to pull the weeds, some to till the soil and some to harvest...... it's rare that any of us would see the entire process all the way thru with a lost soul. Most of the time, we get to do one of the above... plant a seed, or weed, or harvest........ all are important.

I want to encourage this father and others to PRAY, LOVE & when the time is share the good news!! God is more concerned about your lost loved one than we are!! He wants them saved and safely in His kingdom more than we do!

Entrust HIM with your loved ones that are lost.

He is still the God who saves.

It is HIS work.

We can trust that He will complete the good work He has begun in their lives ~

And remember, I am praying for you too!!!!!!

God bless,


Friday, August 21, 2009

Mormon Apostle Urges Mormons to Avoid Defensiveness

Recently, Russell Ballard, Mormon Apostle spoke at the Commencement Exercises of BYU students in Provo, Utah. He urged LDS to avoid becoming defensive when speaking about the LDS church and it's teachings.

Mr. Ballard referred to recent research that suggested that Mormons can sometimes appear defensive to those who are not members of the LDS Church." The study said, that when Mormons are explaining their beliefs, they couch their language in terms that suggest that they are expecting criticism. "

The full text of Mr. Ballard's remarks are available at the LDS website newsroom.

I thought this was timely to share in light of my recent posts.

I agree with Mr. Ballard.

" Among the reasons for this type of reaction is the long history of persecution that Mormons faced during the early days of the Church.... that is now an inedible part of history. You have heard these stories of hardship and sacrifice since you were a small child. And yet this isn't 1830 and there aren't 6 of us anymore." -- Russell Ballard

Well said, Mr. Ballard!

I have for many years, even prior to leaving the LDS church, felt that some LDS suffer from a "persecution complex".

The LDS suffered persecution for a relatively short period of time in U.S. history. When you compare it to the years and amount of persecution Christians have endured. Don't believe me? Check out and read up on what is going on in the world today, and you'll get a better idea of what persecution is all about for Christians.

Do you know that in 53 countries today the Bible is outlawed?

Do you know that as I type Christians are being burned, killed and imprisoned in countries like Korea, Iraq, and India?

As Christians, what is our response to the persecution?

Jesus said it well when He said, " Blessed are you who are persecuted... rejoice and be exceedingly glad!!" Yep, we are to rejoice and count it all for joy when we are counted worthy to suffer for Jesus!!!

Are Christians to become angry and bitter and defensive at those who persecute and chide?


The Lord told us to love our enemies.

Do good to those that use us.

And pray for those who persecute us.

Yep, we are to pray for the Muslim nations who kill and imprison Christians.

Yep, we are to pray for those who would seek to harm innocent Christians.

Yep, we are to pray for our mormon friends and family who make fun our salvation experiences. ( that has happened to me more times than I can count!)

We are not to become defensive and angry and bitter and least of all to develop some kind of persecution complex.

Persecution is the name of the game if your walkin with Jesus.

Bring it on!

In Christ alone,


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Once again.... this is getting old....

Here we go again. I don't know how many times I need to revisit this, but obviously some just don't get it. So , here I go again.

Personal attacks will not be permitted.


If you have nothing better to do than attack me personally, maybe you have too much time on your hands? Might I direct you to the many wonderful organizations out there who would love your volunteer services. Big brother & Big Sister programs thru the YMCA is a great program, that always needs help! Most churches offer wonderful programs that would love your help too! So many causes, so little time.

I don't mind that people personally disagree. That is understandable and expected.

The focus of your arguments should be on the topic at hand and not on the person commenting.

I am not sure "why" this has to be revisited so often, but it does.

There are other places on the web where you can name call, attack a person, etc. but NOT ON MY BLOG. I will not tolerate it. If you disagree with what I am saying or what someone else says, then focus your comments on the argument presented. Good grief. Simple civility - is that impossible here?

ALSO from now on, NO more anonymous comments. Sign your name or screen name. Take responsibility for your comments you make. I find it odd that some of the personal attacks are most often left by anonymous people.... come on, if you have the courage to be rude, take ownership of it. If you don't sign a name or screen name, then your comment will not be approved.

Comments that contain personal attacks and anonymous comments will not be approved. They go in the "garbage can". Where they belong.

Kind regards,

Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Fruit of the Spirit & Answered prayers

I have been blogging about Mormonism now for a few months. I also frequently visit other sites of other Christians who are witnessing to the Mormons. I have noticed one thing that I believe is very very telling.

For the most part, there is a great deal of hostility coming from the LDS towards we Christians who are blogging or commenting. I was a bit taken aback by that! In all honesty I would think it would be the other way around! LOL! I just want to send out a kuddos to my christian blogging buddies out there. You are doing a great job! You are witnessing in love and with respect and kindness... something that speaks volumes about you and about our awesome God we serve!

My heart aches when I read the comments left by many LDS here and other places. There is so much hostility, anger, frustration and condescension in their writings. I can feel and sense their angst. There lack of inner peace. It is so very sad.

I am reminded of a beautiful passage of scripture, from the book of Galatians:

" but the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, long suffering, gentleness, meekness, goodness, faith, temperance" Galatians 5:22

My dear readers, if we truly confess Christ -- and have that filling of the Holy Spirit..... we will have these fruit.... we will have love, joy and peace, and self control.... we will be long suffering...

Not because we , in and of ourselves, are "naturally" this way.. but truly because Christ lives within us!! His Holy Spirit indwells and as a result there will be fruit .. fruit that is visible... fruit that tastes sweet and is wonderful and glorifies our great and awesome God!

I really thought when I began to blog about Mormonism, that it would be the Christians that would be nasty and mean spirited, etc. But that has not been the case! In the months I have been blogging , it has been the LDS who have name called, been rude, attacked me personally or my family or my relationship with my husband, or have just been down right discourteous.

My goodness! How telling this is friends.

I also want to say there have been exceptions to this. A few LDS, and you know "who" you are can engage in debate without resorting to such things. Kuddos to you too!!!

Friends, if you visit my site, you will quickly notice I am not " Ed Decker" or " Bill McKeever"... I am just a former mormon, who has been redeemed and purchased by my great God, Jesus. My heart's desire is to see LDS won over to the real God, who is more than able to save. I don't want to get nasty, mean and name call...... why? Because God calls me to live differently. Because I am compelled by the Holy Spirit to show forth love, long suffering , kindness, and self control.

This is the ONE SINGLE thing I notice so glaringly now between the LDS and Christians... the gifts of the Spirit....... I am amazed at the joy I see in the lives of believers, even in the midst of heavy trials.... I am shocked by the long suffering they have for the lost in the LDS church..... how patient and kind they are... how they won't stoop to personal attacks against a person, but will focus on the argument and the facts.

Friends, it is all so telling.

You can't fake "fruit"....

There is good fruit......

And then there is stinky rotten fruit.......

For the LDS, do you really think it helps your cause when you name call and personally attack a person? Is that what your faith produces?

Something to think about.

My friends, I continue to pray for the LDS and I hope my Christian friends will join me.

This week I had a sweet experience. I have been praying for a friend of mine who is serving an LDS mission. I have been praying that the Lord would lead her to the home of born again believers who will witness to her in love. She is serving in the Midwest. She is a sweet young woman who has lived her entire life in Utah. I have been praying that God would lead her to the home of a pastor who would open the doors of his home to share Jesus with her and the good news.

This week I found out that just this very thing has happened! She has been befriended by a born again preacher ( her words not mine) and he has been sharing with her and her companion. She also has had no success in converting souls to Mormonism, but has run into a lot of Christians, saying " we have Jesus!".

Isn't that AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friends, we have a great BIG GOD who is the business of doing GREAT BIG THINGS!

Keep praying for your LDS friends, and family.

Never give up hope for them!

And when those LDS missionaries come by, open your home to them and share the GOOD NEWS!!!!!

I am so excited to hear how God is working in this young woman's life! He has answered my prayers and knocked my socks off!

I just had to share this, to encourage my Christian readers!

God is working....

God is working.....

He is parting the "red seas" in the lives of our Mormon friends and neighbors........

Praise His holy holy name!!


Thursday, August 6, 2009

How does God answer our prayers? New poll!

I have posted a new question that I am polling. " How does God answer our prayers". Please take a moment and vote! I am interested in what you believe. This poll is on the right side of the blog. Just scroll down.


On a personal note...

Dear Readers,

I just want to write and share that I appreciate you taking time to stop, read and share your thoughts about what is shared here. Please know I read each comment before I post them.
With that said, I am not always able to respond to your comments. I thought it might be helpful to share some personal insights into what goes on in my life so you can understand "why".

Some of you may not know that I :

1. am the mother of 10 children! Yes, 10!! That keeps me busy folks! My oldest is 16 and my youngest is 5 yrs old ( we have a set of twins in there too!)

2. I homeschool my children. Yes, in addition to being the " mom" ; I am also my children's school teacher. We school all year round, so life is busy to say the least! :)

3. We live on a small farm. ( 66 acres to be exact!) I keep a garden , and a large yard.. that means full time yard work on top of the above responsibilities!

4. I am a married woman. So that means I take time to nurture my relationship with my husband as well .One more stewardship the Lord has blessed me with.

5. I am a full time home keeper. I take my job seriously. I cook all our meals from scratch and work with the children to keep a tidy and organized home. ( as well as one can possibly do with 10 children!!)

My day begins at about 7 am and I usually am in bed by 11 pm.....

As you can figure from reading what I shared above, my plate is "full".

God placed a burden on my heart to blog about my thoughts and experiences about the LDS faith. I pray daily for His leading in this endeavor. I take seriously what I share here. Sometimes I am led to be silent and sometimes I am led to speak. What I write is directed by the Lord. No one tells me what to write or share. God does.

With that said, sometimes I am not able to respond to every single comment left here. :)

Please don't take that as a personal offense. If your comment is offensive, I don't post it. If you find your comment is published here, then I am not offended. :) For LDS readers, I understand not everything I share will be agreeable to you. I understand, but my allegiance is to God first, not my readers. You will most likely not read things here that will tickle your ears. I don't expect you to be pleased with me or even like me for that matter. That's OK.

So, please understand.... I will respond to your comments if I can. Sometimes it may take a few days to get back to you. Please forgive me if you are frustrated by this, but it's what works for me at this time in my life. Hopefully readers will be able to understand now a little more as to "why" sometimes I don't respond to their remarks. It's not that I am ignoring you.

In any case, thanks for reading, leaving remarks and for sharing.

God bless,


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

How to witness to an LDS missionary

I would like to take some time and answer some questions that readers have left for me.

The following question was left by Anna ~~

" My best friend just left on his mission to Peru. It honestly is heart breaking. Do you have any advice on how I can minister to him through letters? To help him understand who the real Jesus is. "

Dear Anna,

Thank you for taking time to share what is on your heart!! God bless you for your sincere desire to see your friend won for Christ! You sound like you have a burden placed in your heart to witness to your friend. I am thankful he has you there to share the good news and the liberty and grace that awaits those who surrender their lives to the King of Kings!

First of all, I want to say the greatest thing you can do, and you probably are doing this already is P R A Y. Remember, that fervent prayers of those that are right with God, availeth much!! Continue to go before the throne of grace boldly in behalf of the salvation of your friend! Pray specifically that God may lead him to the homes of believers. Pray that when he knocks doors and tracts , he will be led to people who know the Lord and the Word of God, who can testify to him of the truth in Jesus. Pray that he will have a desire to read the bible -- specifically the book of John . Pray that God will draw him. Pray!!

I want to encourage you in this, because there were members of my family that prayed for me for 19 yrs to come to the Lord!!! 19 yrs!! God heard their prayers all those years. Looking back I can see how God was drawing me to Him... showing me and leading me one step at a time closer to Him! It took 19 yrs for those prayers to come to fruit, but they did!! Praise the Lord they did! My parents prayed every night for 19 yrs for me! When I called them and told them I had given my life to the Lord and left the Mormons, my father broke down and wept... thru tears he told me how he had prayed each night for this very thing!

The Lord is faithful! He does hear our prayers! Take time each day for prayer for him!

The second thing I would encourage you to do is to write him!!!! Yes, write!! There is much you can share in letters, you may not be able to share in person. I would encourage you to write weekly if you can or as often as you feel led by the Lord to do. Share passages from the Bible. Share how much Jesus means to you! Share how good God is and how He is working in your life!

I want to share another experience from my own life. My mom, had a cousin. Her name was Doris. Doris loved the Lord with all her might mind and strength. She radiated Jesus. Doris had been afflicted with MS for many years. She had been abandoned by her husband and left by herself after many years of marriage. But thru it all, Doris just sang! Yes, sang.. the Joy of the Lord was so evident in her life! Doris was a born again believer! She felt a burden in her to share Jesus with me while I was on my mission in Argentina. Often I would receive letters from cousin Doris. She would never tear down or mock Mormonism. What she did do though , was share the JOY she had in Jesus with me! Her letters were full of " Jesus, this and Jesus that.... full of scriptures and verses, etc." Full of her faith and love for the Lord.

She was faithful in writing me often on my mission. I never spoke to cousin Doris again, because she died soon after I arrived home from my mission. The other day I was mowing the grass and praying ( I love to mow the grass and pray!) and the Lord brought cousin doris to my memory. I thanked the Lord for what Doris did. I can't wait to meet Doris one day and hug her and tell her how she impacted me!

Write your friend, Anna.. share passages from the bible. Speak of Jesus and how wonderful and faithful he is! Share the JOY of the Lord with your LDS friend!

I recently heard the testimony of some young men, who had come to the Lord while they were serving their LDS missions!! Amazing! These young men have started a worship band by the name of Adam's Road. God is so faithful! He is not limited! He is not bothered by circumstances! These young men had been brought to the Lord because they began to read the Bible on their missions, in particular the New Testament! God doesn't need us to save souls..... He can use His word to bring souls to Him! He is all powerful. He is not dependent on us to save these precious souls. We do get the blessing of praying for them and witnessing to them, but rest assured He can draw souls to Him without our help!

Ana, I hope what I have shared can be an encouragement to you in some small way!

I am thankful that the Lord has placed you in this young man's life. When the time is right, this young man and you need to have a face to face talk where you share with him the real Jesus. So that he knows that there is a difference. Perhaps you have done this already? In any case, as hard as it is, our LDS friends and loved one need to know where we stand and they need to be lovingly shown that the god of Joseph Smith is not the God we worship and adore.

Anna, I will be praying for your friend!! God moves in mysterious ways, and just because your friend is on an LDS mission does not mean he can not come to saving knowledge that Jesus is the WAY , the TRUTH and the LIFE... not a religion, or a denomination, but Chris the Lord!!!

Thank you for posting and sharing your concerns.

For those of you who are Christian and wondering "how to " witness to those LDS missionaries that stop by at your door, I want to encourage you as well to open your mouths and hearts and share the good news of the Lord with these young people! They need to hear from us! They need to hear the passages in the Bible that speak of salvation and what one has to do to receive eternal life. Please prayerfully consider studying up on those passages so that when they come you may be prepared and equipped to share the good news! Don't turn them away, but share with them who Jesus really is and how one does receive eternal life. Some may be afraid to open their homes to the LDS missionaries, and there are some biblical mandates about such, but I would encourage you to at least share a verse with them or two and testify of the real Jesus who died on Calvary so that all men may be free. Perhaps even have a tract or two available for them to read about the differences between Christianity and mormonism. Pray that God will help you to witness in love and with boldness. Lastly, pray for them when they stop by ... ask God to open their eyes to the truth and to set them free. I just want to encourage you my brothers & sisters in Christ to share the good news. We don't need to go to Africa to bring the truth to the lost, we can do so right from our very homes.

God bless you and help you as you minister to those who have not yet received the free gift of eternal life thru Christ our Lord,