Thursday, March 26, 2009

My answer to a comment left by an LDS friend

I wanted to take a moment and answer a question that an LDS friend of mine left here on my blog today. Thank you, Ingrid for taking time to read my blog and for leaving a courteous comment. I don't want to brush off your question you asked me, so I hope it's OK with you that I post your question here and leave you my answer publicly. I feel it's important enough to be addressed.

Ingrid from Ireland asked:
" Just wondering what is the motivation for the blog. Is it to warn people against Mormons or to share your conversion to becoming a born again Christian? "

Most definitely my desire & motivation for this blog is to share the good news of the risen Lord and Messiah, Jesus Christ! That is the motivation and desire of my heart, Ingrid. I hope all who come to my blog and spend a few minutes reading here will know, without a doubt that my heart is completely sold out for Jesus! He is the motivation for just about everything in my life, and this blog is no exception.

Each time , before I began to write here I stop and pray and ask the Lord to guide my words. I want more than anything to see my Lord high and lifted up, exalted and glorified. The Lord has placed in my heart a burden to share the good news that what Jesus did on Calvary is what truly saves us. Nothing else but the blood of the Lamb , can grant us eternal life. My heart aches for my wonderful LDS friends and family. I long for them to know that Jesus, the Messiah, the I AM of the Old Testament and the promised Messiah and Christ of the New Testament is the only true and living God and that there is no other name under Heaven whereby man can inherit eternal life.

Simply put I long to see the LDS accept that Jesus is it. He is the WAY, not a religion or religious system, but Jesus. That is my heart's desire, Ingrid.

Thanks for taking time to stop by my blog and I hope you return again soon.

May God bless you,



  1. My dear friend...blessed by your depth, honesty and the purity of your heart to draw others to you and supporting you every step of the way!

  2. I love how you ask God to guide your words as you post on this blog. I have many questions for you as we live in an area where there are many mormons. In fact, they just built a huge temple here. I feel like I need to better understand my neighbors whom practice mormonism, How do intelligent rational people in the mormon church put their faith in Joseph Smith, the Book of Mormon and disregard biblical truths and teachings?


Hello and thanks for taking time to read my blog and for leaving a courteous comment.:) May God bless you!!

~ gloria ~