Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A blog is born!

To blog or not to blog? That is the question.......
I mean there is only a certain amount of time in one's day and I already have one blog that I enjoy blogging at. It's not that I don't have enough to keep me busy? I mean mother of 10, homeschooling, wife, oh yeah and we live on farm .... So why another blog, right? Right.

That is what I asked the Lord today. Why? What is the purpose?

Immediately upon uttering those words heavenward the response was " because you have something to share, gloria". I do, Lord? " Yes, you do. "

So , with no further ado.... and with the go ahead from the Lord God almighty, this blog is "birthed".

Welcome, and I hope you stick around as I do have lots on my heart to share.

For my dear friends in the "trenches" who are out their as my prayer warriors, praying for me, thank you! You know "who" you are and I hope you know how much your love, support and friendship mean to me.

God bless & check back soon,



  1. Hi Gloria,
    I have just started reading here after finding this blog thrugh your other blog, whcih was linked in Arthur Sido's blog! Whew!
    Must go now but I will be back to read thrugh both.
    Can't access much on your family blog. I am in Australia on blogspot but it seems you need to be on Homeschool blogger to comment etc.
    My blog is if you are able to drop over and tell me how that works. Thanks

  2. I was referred to this blog by a friend of mine that was a former Mormon, now turned Christian, a comparisson I know LDS folks do not appreciate at all. I'm looking forward to reading through your story and learning a thing or two about how the LDS church looks like from the inside :-)

  3. Hi, "aro"! I thank you for taking time out of your day to stop by and read my blog. Praise God that your former mormon friend is now walking with the Lord! That kind of news always makes my day!

    Enjoy a blessed and JOYous Easter!



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